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Dr. Taabish Contractor


DR TAABISH has completed his bachelor's degree from M.A RANGOONWALA DENTAL COLLEGE, PUNE . He has specialised in the field of ORTHODONTICS AND DENTOFACIAL ORTHDOPEDICS .

DR TAABISH is the owner and founder of CONTRACTOR'S DENTAL CARE established in 2015 . Currently Dr Taabish Contractor is a leading provider for aligners .

He is also a proud and active member of The INDIAN ORTHODONTIC SOCIETY AND INDIAN DENTAL ASSOCIATION. His excellency in diagnosis and patient management makes him a class apart practitioner in town.

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Dr. Neha Contractor


Dr Neha has completed her bachelor's degree from YMT Dental college and Hospital Mumbai. She has further completed her master's in endodontics and conservative dentistry from M.A RANGOONWALA DENTAL COLLEGE. She has been an excellent student and a clinician having won several paper and poster presentations during conferences and conventions. Further she has completed her Master's degree in laser dentistry from Vienna .

Dr Neha Contractor is also a proud and active member of the INDIAN ENDODONTIC SOCIETY AND INDIAN DENTAL ASSOCIATION. DR NEHA is currently also consulting in various prestigious clinics in and around pune .

Her qualifications and attitude make her an excellent clinician and consultant.

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