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Orthodontics specialist in pune

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Orthodontics specialist in pune

If you have a problem such as crowded teeth, Close gap between teeth, cross bite, or any other teeth misalignment then it damages your smile. Therefore, proper orthodontic treatment here is necessary to get correct teeth alignment to resolve these issues. In Pune you can get the best quality of Orthodontic Treatment at dr contractor’s dentist at an affordable price.

About Orthodontic treatment

A team of the best orthodontists in Pune Dr Contractor’s dentist clinic specializes in diagnosing, preventing and correcting teeth misalignment and jaw relation discrepancy, as well as facial growth modification. The orthodontic treatment in Pune is carried out by experts called Orthodontists.

At dr contractors clinics in Pune, we have more than 80 orthodontists, who have delivered more than 30,000 orthodontic braces treatment overall.

Do you need an orthodontic treatment?

At our Pune clinics, either a general dentist or orthodontist will be able to diagnose if you require orthodontic care based on several diagnostic criteria and treatment options that include

  1. Your Medical and Dental History Your Past and Current Medical and Dental Health History

  2. Clinical examination

  3. OPG

  4. Dental impressions are then used to create plastic models of your teeth.

  5. Based on your photos, your orthodontic surgeon or dentist will determine if orthodontic treatment is necessary and create a treatment plan

  6. Cephalograms

If you’re diagnosed with any of these conditions, you’re likely to be eligible for dental orthodontics:

Our orthodontists in Pune at Drcontractors dentist clinics can help you decide what kind of braces is right for you.

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